The Coffee of a Thousand Cups

When your whole life is based firmly on a strongly held conviction, it sometimes happens that one day a “great quake” causes this indestructible base to tremble and shatter, turning the soft and sweet scent of your certainties musty and stale in an instant. It may come as a surprise, after the failed lyricism of this introduction, to see daily good news about coffee consumption, even though it is invariably watered down with a large helping of reservations: coffee is good for your health, but…

This “but”, as stubborn and annoying as a gnat while you’re trying to relax, is certainly born out of the seemingly indestructible idea that coffee – once thrice cursed by all doctors – cannot and will never be able to compete with  tea, the drink of a hundred million virtues. It is true that the orientation of a scientific study may bear similarities to the gyratory direction of a spoon intruding into the depths of a cup of Earl Grey.

However, to claim on this basis that sellers of filter coffee have paid for a report that seems to show that method of preparation and consumption alone is better for your health (and that you should throw out your Vertuo machine or stop ordering your morning espresso from your neighbourhood café, which may already have closed its doors for good) is as peremptory and incongruous as saying Her most Gracious Majesty – or MI6 – is controlling the world tea lobby and that the timeless imperial method of “divide and rule” can still be used to bring down the “short black” market, to the great dismay of those French frogs and those Italian macaronis.

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