The Great Recycling Is on Its Way

We know that aluminium, most other metals, and glass can be infinitely recycled, and that everything seems to be continually transformed in this universe without ever creating anything new; talking to you about human compost might seem inappropriate here, as it has nothing to do with drinks, but that’s not quite true, as the Earth itself will slowly sip your decomposing bodily fluids. This North-American “initiative” plans to transform your mortal remains into top-quality, highly nutritious compost. If the Earth could speak a little as we do (because, it’s clear, we are making no effort to understand or garble so much as three words in “Gaia” speak) we would know that it is too late, that the die is already cast; these pathetic ploys, desperately clutching at the possibility of redemption through the offering up of our bodies, will all too soon be considered null and void. We know that an enormous asteroid will “brush past” our Earth in less than ten years.

When Apophis-the-Destroyer finally arrives, wreathed in a heady solar wind, to collide with it for real, we will witness a formidable, gigantic, and real instance of recycling, as it was in days of yore for those idiot dinosaurs who were snuffed out without a whimper – they had no time to make one – and we have managed, using their remains dissolved in vast oceans of oil, to suffocate the Earth, while stupidly thinking that nature would forgive our murderous mischief-making. All of this for nothing!

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