Viral Stupidity and Nastiness

France has made champagne popular urbi et orbi. From a modest sparkling wine that was only supposed to brighten up the life of a monastery in between masses, French ingenuity has made it the drink for every celebration. Already on life support due to a virus that knows no bounds, the wine-making industry really didn’t need anyone popping up to ask it to beat records for holding its breath with its head plunged into a vat of hydroalcoholic gel. However, that is the “stupid and unacceptable” thing Patrick Rosset did, possibly aggravating a situation considered worrying by many professionals in the field. Patrick Rosset is a sales rep with “Deutz Champagne” and son of that company’s CEO, Fabrice Rosset, who immediately and strongly condemned the offensive attitude of his offspring.

A Facebook post seems to be at the root of the huge outcry from the Chinese public, whose reaction seems to have been to send the “stinking missive” back to sender, in a simple tit for tat. Don’t forget that asking people to “boycott all products from China” is neither appropriate from an economic point of view, nor effective from a scientific one… Let’s hope everyone’s hypogastric rumblings will finally be drowned out by the popping of champagne corks as we celebrate the end of this vile virus.

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