Wine Expo: Wine Apocalypse Coming in 20 Years

Against a background of panic, the great debate causing a stir among the whole wine sector today is firmly focused on the consequences the coming 20 years will have on the industry. “Climate sceptics” are rare among those who work the soil: heatwaves, unprecedented frosts, torrential rains; farmers the world over have front-row seats to the changes in the climate that are throwing seasons into disarray and destabilizing age-old know-how. France, considered the main centre of wine production in the world, has been hardest hit by the latest climate crises which, according to scientists, are in no way anecdotal and are likely to become much worse in the coming years.

Read or listen to the very telling investigation into the subject by CBS’s magazine 60 Minutes.

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The New World Now

In a previous article, we took a somewhat fantastical look at future heatwaves in a France being severely punished by particularly vicious climate change. It was a very bombastic vision of a not-too-distant future. It took place in 2050...

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