A Drip-Feed of Anger

When a perfectly controlled tirade leads to the withdrawal of a mass-produced consumable, there is some interest in understanding the causes. In reality, there isn’t actually much to explain, except that the Evian “Drop” spent nearly five years being marketed at a prohibitive price (€1 per 200 ml) and, above all, outrageously packaged in a shell of polyethylene terephthalate with a scandalous carbon footprint in order to provide the equivalent of just two-thirds of a glass of water.

This brought down the wrath of a certain Virginie B., executive director, who has “nothing against the multinationals,” but who “has had enough of seeing businesses act in ways that are incompatible with their professed values.” The message swiftly got through to the Danone Group, who decided to withdraw their product, described as “an insult to the planet, to your children, to your grandchildren…” A “drip-feed” online petition sufficed to bring an end to what has been termed an “environmental aberration.”


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Still mineral water has, apart from a few exceptions, always been sold in plastic containers. Although it is an economical solution, plastic is a real ecological problem. However, Evian has performed a double whammy with its new collapsible “bubble.”...

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