The Last Chronicle Before the End

We were used to human catastrophes elsewhere, far away, even very, very far away from the comfortable European continent where nothing too serious happened on a widespread scale, apart from one or two climate calamities, always of secondary importance, as they had the annoying habit of cropping up between a batch or two of mass murder, punctually served up by a heinous and criminal terrorism. Today, the whole planet is terrorized and the heart of the world has almost stopped beating. This is not the work of paltry hooligans ready to die for cosmic ideas beyond their intellects. The world has just suffered a gigantic stroke; it is on its knees and wondering if some observer from the heavens will come to help it back up. The singular character of this epidemic is not its global spread – the spread of Spanish flu and of the plagues that have punctuated our common history was even greater – but the immediacy of its media diffusion and the almost universal emotion it has given rise to at all levels of our societies. Economic globalization has come to a halt, but the world is as one person at an immense wake, weeping for its humanity which had already, long ago, embarked on Charon’s boat, flying down the Styx like an idiot on a bobsleigh because we had become too stupid towards ourselves, too insolent towards nature, animals, the air, the trees, the rain, too negligent towards life in the sea, in the skies, and in the waterways.

Corona, the invisible planet-wide killer, has perhaps come to remind us who we really are and what we must do to bring our humanity back to its rightful place. While we wait for that, the elephants have already felt the wind changing and have turned to one another and said that the time has come to celebrate our demise…

Elephants Sucking Up the Opportunity…

Pic Shows: Officials say images showing elephants frolicking in a tea plantation were taken in July 2019, and that none of the animals was drunk; Netizens claim these viral Twitter photos show two “drunk” elephants collapsing in a tea garden after raiding a Chinese village and drinking 30 litres of corn wine this month.

 We alone are responsible for their extinction. As soon as the news of the possible and probable disappearance of the human race from the face of the earth had spread, to celebrate this major event in elephant history, an entire herd of Chinese, pot-bellied pachyderms rushed on a stash of corn wine they had long since sniffed out. Drunk as lords in the morning, they awoke, their trunks smelling strongly of wine, in a tea garden they had wrecked to top things off. What matters here is not knowing why and how the elephants got drunk, but rather to ask ourselves whether, should homo sapiens really go extinct, our betrunked friends might remember the good old methods of wine-making and beer brewing.

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