Time to Take Our Medicine

We have probably heard it all; it is only in the stale air of the antechamber where the great apocalypse awaits that the charlatan’s voice can ring clear and loud. It seems, according to someone in the know, that downing vodka in one (at least a litre for it to be effective) kills the virus stone dead. It’s also been reported that boiling water, preferably flavoured with tea leaves, knocks that little yob Covid-19 for six. It has been proved, by two totally reliable junkies, that three lines of cocaine immunize you for life against all types of Corona. Holding your breath for 10 seconds without coughing proves that you don’t have the stupid virus…

It may well be manifestly (and scientifically) obvious that this list of harebrained remedies will not offer you the slightest protection against the current pandemic, but it is nevertheless clear that the spread of false rumours like these is manifestly more contagious than an army of twelve monkeys infected with a zombie virus.



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