Bleach: A Drink Like Any Other?

At Anciens Ets Fratacci, well-known in the East African region for stocking most of the drinks produced in the world, bleach is wisely stored in a locked cupboard out of the reach of children. It seems that this is the correct way to treat most household cleaning products in the rest of the world and even in other galaxies. The domestic accident all parents fear, handed down from generation to generation, is a too curious and thirsty tot deciding to quaff an (un)healthy draught of detergent…

It is not currently known whether the pandemic affecting this unfortunate planet will force us to reconsider some practices. Great ills call for great remedies… Be aware though that Ets Fratacci B. B. Modi advises you strongly against, indeed categorically forbids you from treating bleach as a drink. It may be called eau de Javel [Javel water] in France, and water most certainly is life, but Monsieur Claude-Louis Berthollet, whose laboratory was in the eponymous Javel neighbourhood of Paris, was a licensed killer. Virucide, but not just that… Unfortunately, there have been countless victims who thought, consciously or not, that they would quench an ordinary thirst by drinking just a swig of the finest vintage laced with bleach.

Like flour, the lockdown has given bleach a boost… along with domestic mishaps linked to household cleaning products.

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