Coronavirus: Fennel Tea and Other Remedies

Drinking tea – the most natural tea possible – can help you live to a grand old age … Not a week goes by without the merits of Her Majesty the Queen of England’s favourite drink being mentioned in the press. It is clear that this drink, like its eternal rival coffee, as part of a healthy lifestyle, is rarely subject to any health warnings, even if you are unfortunate enough to be suffering from a serious illness, even those – more serious yet – solemnly designated “long-term illnesses” as they may take a long time to release you from their grip. Like our antecedents of antiquity, who could read the real truth in the entrails of a roast boar or predict fine weather after rain in the bottom of well-drawn tankards of Cervoise beer, the internet encourages you more than ever to put your faith in good news of any provenance: the Coronavirus can be cured with three cups of fennel tea, just like cancer was with thirty-three litres of carrot juice. If this remedy doesn’t work too well on your particular constitution, you should be aware that there is not currently any official treatment, but that death is not the certain outcome.

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The Queen of England, going against all national tradition, has a royal loathing for tea and has never drunk a single drop in her life, preferring a regular morning cup of instant robusta coffee and, in times of war...
Because tea is an excellent drink, by Gad! And the English know a good thing when they see it. What’s more, it has always been recognized that tea is in the public interest: it makes money, makes people more...
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That’s the, very approximate, number... of cups of tea drunk every year... equal to roughly three billion a day. Tea is definitely the number one drink on the planet (well, if you don’t count water), just pipping coffee, which is...

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