New Coke: Back to the Future

It was supposed to be a groundbreaking campaign … but it was the greatest drinks marketing flop in history. When someone decides to radically change the dietary habits of a large part of the planet, it’s only to be expect that there may be some … reluctance. New Coke was rejected by most fans of the best known fizzy drink on this planet, only to experience a resurgence of heavily nostalgia-laden interest thanks, mainly, to a Netflix series.

Stranger Things has quickly gained notoriety by recreating the world of the 1980s, an era many of us miss … Stranger Things tells of strange goings-on in 1980s America, with its monochrome computers, its Raleigh Choppers, its Walkmans, its console games where a lot of imagination was needed to visualize the still and hyper-pixelated 16-colour image, which appeared, ghost-like, on the still-hot cathode-ray tube, as a dangerous mansion full of fantastic creatures …

The series also took the opportunity to give a nod to “New Coke,” scorned and rejected in its time, but finding gustatory favour in this world … our own current world, full of apathetic information junkies, compulsive likes/dislikes, already sick of 4K monitors, 3D photorealism and the virtual reality that goes with it …

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