Uncorked: Or for the Love of Wine

There is a new Netflix series about and for wine-lovers. The winemaking world, in these uncertain and most anxious times will need to “brew” creativity in all its vats if it doesn’t want to drown its sorrows without even a glass of “plonk” at the survivor’s table in the world of tomorrow. Uncorked couldn’t have come at a better time, even if the series isn’t to the taste of purists of the genre. Before accusing the filmic vintage of being corked, it might be an idea to recognize that light entertainment is just light entertainment and really shouldn’t be confused with a treaty on oenology. You can scream until you’re blue in the face that the series is full of “clichés right down to the dregs;” that doesn’t change the fact that anything that can promote the noble beverage is, in these accursed times, not to be sniffed at, and no more should it be in times of plenty… Uncorked may be the series that will see the winemaking economy bounce back in a world that has acquired the habit of distancing itself from its past environment: meals, orders, cellars, bars, restaurants, drinks with friends…

Admittedly it’s an American series (and what do they know about wine?), but let’s put our trust in the most powerful promotional service – as the Seventh Art has become in the hands of Hollywood – to revive forgotten passions. After all, what more can be said when we know that in France more “beer” is drunk than wine and consumption of the latter is falling year after year, whereas it is constantly increasing over the pond, fine connoisseurs that they are, and the British remain, whether we like it or not, the most passionate defenders/promoters of French wine…





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