French Wine’s Loss of Influence over the last Decade

French wine is still selling just as well, but statistically, it is losing ground when it comes to new trend markers. The phenomenon is not new; competition has been talked about for years and now … there’s no use accusing perfidious Albion, even if she is to blame for all French ills whether past or yet to come. The English, along with the Chinese, are the greatest fans of French wine. While the former gave up on the idea of competing with France in the art of viticulture back in the time of the Beatles, the latter are forecast to take wine’s number one spot in the coming decades. On top of that, there are the vast and sweeping plains of California’s Napa County, the legendary zeal and tenacity of the Australians, who have tripled, in less than 20 years, their national wine production, not forgetting the Chilean vintages, and right on France’s borders, the fierce competition of Spanish and Italian wines.

However, these “threats” don’t seem to worry the French general staff overmuch, as pointed out with a great deal of solemn gravity by General Gamelin in May 1940: “France will win, because we are the strongest.”

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