Emmanuel Macron Named Personality of the Year 2022 by RVF

“For the first time in forty years, you, the president, have had the courage to declare, loud and clear, with d’Artagnan and Portos: “I drink wine every day, with lunch and dinner. There’s no better slogan, as far as we are concerned. That’s why, tonight, we are pleased to name you personality of the year.” With these words, Denis Saverot, Editor of the Revue du Vin de France, presented the current French President with his reward for having been, throughout his term in office, a proud representative of French wine. Saverot’s speech  did not spare Macron’s predecessors in the highest public office of the land, who “were at best indifferent to, or worse, against wine” with a passing dig at those who “drank only Mexican beer or didn’t drink at all…”

It should be noted that Macron is not the only political personality to have been awarded this distinction: Laurent Fabius and Alain Juppé also won the award respectively in 2015 and 2017.




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