The Burning Issue of Starbucks Covers

It is not the first, and unfortunately, will not be the last time that an accident of this kind has occurred with Starbucks cups. Mary Simms, a Texan, has just filed a lawsuit against the takeaway coffee giant after having received first and second degree burns to her legs from a Starbucks coffee cup whose lid was inadvertently not properly closed. In a Starbucks drive-in, Mary Simms turned around after having been told she’d been given the wrong order. At the counter, Mary handed her “wrong order” back to staff. The cup lid “came off”, and the liquid poured over the unfortunate driver’s legs. An investigation has been launched to determine if the accident was caused by a fault in the “lid”; the lawsuit underway further indicates that “the defendant” (Starbucks) should have warned its clientele about the risk of burns if incorrectly handled”.

It should be recalled that it is not the first time that Starbucks has been sued for “burns and bodily harm”…

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