A Coffee a Day Keeps the Deafness Away

Coffee is a drink of at least a thousand virtues… Among others, it makes you more attentive and, thereby… a better listener. The “Hendrix” generation sadly had no choice other than to keep listening to music at ever increasing volumes. The “Loudness War” that started on the radio and in the sound studios also imposed the ideal of an ever more intense sound experience: enough to make you deaf faster than your 95-year-old grandpa, who shouts everything he says and listens, at best, with an ear trumpet, at worst, punctuating every one of your sentences with “Eh? What’s that? Speak up for the love of…”

Is a daily coffee the miracle cure for deafness? Yes, but as a preventative measure probably… Hearing is a bit like baldness; you lose your hair without realizing it. So, do a test… turn up the volume on your TV as high as it will go… if you think the TV isn’t working, it’s time to get checked out… or to buy a new TV with a really good sound system.



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