Toast (or Drown) Your Brexit with Champagne

Brexit is an entirely British issue – or almost. But you can’t have a big celebration without champagne. Should we then consider the event that is shaking Europe with joy and crack open a gold-laced vintage magnum? For a Britisher, again, it all depends on his or her point of view … for the rest of Europe though, owing rather a lot of its freedoms to the fighting spirit of Britain and its historical intransigence in the face of the chimeras of National Socialism and the deadly upheaval of Herr Hitler, the great “pop” (made in France) of the flying cork will reverberate long and loud, like an obscene and sickening bout of gastric disorder.

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Why is champagne still synonymous with celebration? This isn’t the first time someone has wondered what makes the champagne ritual such a global phenomenon....

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