The World’s Best Beer Is Belgian and Brewed by Monks

Traditionally bottled, without even a label… you definitely shouldn’t count on being able to get it from your usual grocery store and still less from the “alcoholic drinks” section of a big supermarket… Westvleteren, often considered the best in the world by American connoisseurs, has an original approach to marketing, which is to say that there is practically no publicity around the “brand” nor any wish to sell the holy drink “urbi et orbi”.

Indeed, if you want to buy one of the three beers produced by the Abbey of Saint Sixtus in Westvleteren, you will need to arm yourself with a few of the cardinal virtues that form, in part, that institution’s way of life: courage, patience, modesty…,vins-westvleteren-biere-trappiste-degustation-meilleure-biere-monde-belgique-flandre,4428495.asp,4524506.asp

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