“Coca Pola” Beer Is Hitting a Nerve

The comeback of “Vin Mariani”, in Corsica, taught us that no one can use all or part of the Atlantan giant’s brand without risk of legal action. The Coca-Cola Company is now threatening the Colombian firm “Nasa” over “abusive use” of its brand. “Nasa” has just launched a beer called “Coca Pola” onto the market. “Pola” means “beer” in the local lingo, and “Coca” because the beer produced is made from the famous plant that is known for being grown in Colombia.  From a strictly legal point of view, the American firm has pointed out that the beer made by “Nasa” has a name that is “very similar, in terms of spelling and sound, to the brand owned by The Coca-Cola Company, which could cause confusion on the market and imply an abusive use of our renown.”

The management of the Colombian firm, Nasa, have declared:

“We will go as far as Coca-Cola wants to take this. We will dance to any tune they want to play. If they threaten our very existence, we will resist.”




Coca-Cola threatens to sue Colombia’s ‘Coca Pola’ beer over name

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