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The Cosmos and Alcohol: Double Nyet and Triple Uh-Uh

The Russians have always been way ahead when it comes to space. The image of the vodka hidden under the (Russian, of course) pilot’s seat results from a long marinated stereotype created by films...

Artificially Aging Whisky: Sacrilege?

There’s already a hint of the answer in the strapline, which might steer your judgment in a particular direction: the artificiality of the process. Indeed, this is not about knowing whether the method used...

The VI-1 Form that’s Going to Make the British Hate Wine

The UK is a big wine-importing country and we know the British are mad about French wines, among others. Delayed for six months, but at a cost of no less than £350 per shipment...

The Five Strongest Beers in the World

A hangover ranking. Beer has always had good press for as long as people have been able to drink it, in moderation of course, but enough without, for all that, feeling totally incapable of...

Honi Soit Qui Mal y Pense

Ridley Scott has no longer been Ridley Scott for a very long time... well, it’s a question of taste. There is a name for his propensity to use milk to liberally smear women’s faces...

Japan’s Immoderate Drinking Culture

Stereotypes of the Japanese are generally very positive: disciplined, sense of duty, sense of honour, strong work ethic... A few discordant notes here and there, since the end of the 70s with the discovery...

Green Tea, Yes… but in Moderation

We will not rehash the thousand virtues of green tea, but you might like to know that drinking more than five or six cups a day can cause some bodily dysfunction that is not...

Canadian Firm Canopy to Sell Cannabis Drinks in the US

The drinks will contain THC, the famous psychoactive compound found in cannabis, in quantities that offer a similar “effect” to moderately alcoholic drinks such as beer or wine. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-10-01/canopy-to-bring-cannabis-beverages-to-the-u-s-in-2021

Peanut Butter and Marshmallow Beer

“Pastry Stouts” are all the rage in the US. Lockdown and junk food have galvanized these highly glycaemic trends. They contain more alcohol because of the higher sugar content used in making them. These...

Ethiopia: The New Eldorado of Coffee

Climate change, both current and future, has already affected and will have a lasting impact on the food and drink sector: droughts, damaging storms, rising sea levels... One country, however, seems to have been...

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