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Fecal Transplants: The Ultimate Cure for Alcoholism?

There was no mention of it at the Swedish museum exhibition, but this very serious study suggests that a faecal microbial transplant could become the next remedy for alcoholism.

Australian Wine: The Preferred Tipple of the Chinese

You might think the Chinese, like the English and many Americans, would prefer the magic art of Gaulish druids to make the “blood of the earth”. Well, think again! Australian wine exports...

A Swedish Exhibition

This is an exhibition that should be reserved for the initiated. We knew about the snares of surströmming, only to be tried in the event of a total loss of your sense...

The Hollow End of a Wine Bottle

The big question... but one which is really a matter of custom... In fact, glassblowers in days of yore found it very difficult to achieve a flat bottom that would balance. The...

Wine in a Cardboard Bottle?

Environmental trends and new policies are making it necessary to seek out new containers for all drinks sold and consumed on this planet.

A Whisky, for the Children’s Future

Investing in spirits could only seem laughable to those with no knowledge of the commercial value of real whisky. Matthew Robson was born in 1992... And every year since, Pete Robson, Matthew’s...

A Whisky Fountain in a Hotel

If you are a fine and great connoisseur of whisky, this hotel may well be your next stop on a journey of initiation based on your favourite tipple. To be savoured in...

An English Lesson

As we reminded our readers recently, tea and the “proper customs” practised on the other side of the channel are not to be taken lightly. While the pioneer spirit has always been...

No More Pastis in India…

Being in the military, as we know, brings with it certain advantages: among others, having a case of Ricard at a very competitive price used to be one of the “perks” of...

The Label of Truth

Unlike their elders long weaned onto institutional communication (the not-so-young will perhaps remember our television news bigwigs, piously reciting the text of their own ministry of communication), today’s youth, at the dawn...

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