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Nine Babies: Six Litres of Milk and 100 Nappies a Day

A few months ago, the news, we imagine, reached all corners of the globe. Nine babies, a world record for humanity, were born to a 25-year-old Malian woman, before that record was officially broken...

Wine is Better than Beer for Your Heart

It’s almost doctor’s orders... A little wine is always better than a moderate quantity of beer for better atrial fibrillation. According to a new Australian study (despite the Australians being big fans of beer),...

Japanese Whisky: The Big Loser at the Tokyo Olympics

In the desperate, not to say depressing, climate of the non-festivities of the Tokyo Olympics, Japanese products “banned” from sale during the event will be the main losers of what may become the worst...

The Treasure of the Wallachia: 120-Year-Old Beers Found Beneath the Waves

A regular diver on lost drinks cargos discovered the famous treasure of a 19th-century merchant ship sunk off the Scottish coast. The “Wallachia” had hundreds of beers in its hold... As we know, beer...

Climate Change: French Wine Producers on the Front Line

“We have reached a pivotal moment. Climate change is here, we can see it, we are experiencing it”, Jérôme Despey, secretary general of the FNSEA, the main agricultural union, told the AFP. In an...

Glenfiddich Is Fuelling Its Lorries on Whisky Waste

Glenfiddich, the Scottish distillery is seeing green. Converting its delivery lorries to fuel made from its own production waste, Glenfiddich is the perfect example of a sustainable, closed-circuit solution. More than ten years of...

New-York Airport Prices Beer at $28

This is taking the froth... At LaGuardia airport in New York state, a traveller in transit posted his receipt on social media: the bill was so exorbitant that an “audit” of all the menu...

The Surprising History of White Coke in the Land of the Reds

The history of Coca-Cola in Soviet countries is astonishing, worthy of a vintage comic book. From Field Marshal Zhukov, who defeated Berlin, to vehicle swapping at the height of the Cold War, the American...

Coffee Can Drive You Mad

Two minor news stories that say a lot about the madness that “coffee” can trigger.Following an accident, a lorry spilled its load of hundreds of “Nespresso” capsules on a French autoroute; several drivers then...

Rising Coffee Prices

Drought (or abnormal rainfall), poorer harvests, and ever increasing consumer demand are leading to fears of a significant hike in coffee prices this year. Added to that is the Asian continent’s new appetite for...

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