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Heineken: A World Legend in Five Facts

The Dutch beer that remains a world leader needs no introduction, but these few “facts” about the brand’s history are worth a cultural detour. https://fr.news.yahoo.com/heineken-5-choses-savoir-081929639.html

Brew Your Own (Digital!) Beer

The UK video game label that has given us game adaptations like “Chainsaw Warrior” from the legendary Game Workshop (Warhammer 40,000…), Auroch Digital, has just announced the launch of “Brewmaster,” a beer-making simulator that...

A Tasting Glass… for Beer

According to Peugeot Saveurs, this is a world first. The well-known car manufacturer’s tableware branch has just unveiled a set of three tasting glasses designed just for beer. https://www.estrepublicain.fr/economie/2021/04/03/peugeot-invente-le-verre-a-degustation-de-biere

Rolling Stone Creates Its Own Beer with an Australian Brewer

No, not the famous rock group, but Rolling Stone magazine, which had to revise its editorial policy a few years back to adapt to the digital market and new trends. The Unifier is the...

Frost: British Concerns Over French Wine Price Rise

The “biggest” French wine customers, the British, have expressed their concerns about the consequences of the frosts that have hit France’s agricultural sector, especially the wine sector. A possible rise in wine prices is...

Armenian Cognac: Spirit Must Change Its Name

The makers of Armenian “Cognac” can continue selling their product under that name only in the former Soviet territories and only until 2032. Like products such as Feta, Champagne, Parmesan, Roquefort, and many others,...

Vaccinated? The First Round’s on Budweiser!

American beer fans might find a good reason to get themselves to a vaccination centre. You just need to show a selfie of you in a medical setting, your vaccination “band aid,” or an...

Selling Coffee from a Delivery Tricycle: How a Former Restaurateur is Spending His Days

Vincent Becasse had had enough of his old life. Rather than sinking into depression, the second “lockdown” convinced the former restaurateur to open himself up to new horizons and to reconnect with real social...

500 Sodas in the Land of Vodka

Made from medicinal plants and natural juice, Russian lemonades used to be abundant, especially in the Soviet era, and some are still greatly enjoyed today. https://fr.rbth.com/gastronomie/86390-urss-sodas-images https://www.rbth.com/russian-kitchen/332436-soviet-soft-drinks

Drinking Coffee Before Exercise Helps Burn Fat

It’s easy to get a little lost among the numerous benefits of coffee... A recent study claims that caffeine seems to help burn fat at up to 15% more than the “normal” rate of...

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