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Gigabeer: Beer from Tesla

Elon Musk’s latest move is hardly a big surprise. After having brought “Teslaquila” (a tequila in a futuristic container) to the market, the South African billionaire giant is expanding the “Tesla” range on the...

Vesper: The “Official” Cocktail of James Bond

Aficionados of the iconic saga will be sure to recognize the famous “Vesper” cocktail, created specially by Ian Flemming in his book Casino Royale, the first written outing for the very special and very...

Adulterated Alcohol in Russia: 34 Dead

Thirty-four dead. That’s the latest macabre toll from alcohol poisoning from a locally produced spirit in the Orenburg region of Russia. Since the tragedy in Irkutsk, in Siberia, where around 50 people died after...

Canning Wine

Cacolac, known for its famous chocolate drink, has decided to turn traditional wine packaging etiquette on its head. Wine in a can – a sacrilege for purists – is nonetheless accepted without demur by...

V for Vino: How to Boost Sales of Château Margaux

It seems that all it takes is for “V” (Tim Tae-Hyung, the singer from South Korean boy band “BTS”) to appear with a bottle of Château Margaux in his hand for searches and buying...

Hungary is the World Champion at Blind Wine Tasting

This year’s event in Avignon has propelled Hungary into top place among blind wine tasters. France, which won at the last two events, found itself in sixth place. Twenty-seven international teams, made up of...

Fleur de Miraval ER2: Version Two of Brad Pitt’s Champagne

Following Angelina Jolie, co-founder of the domain, selling her shares and leaving Brad Pitt with new partners, the second edition of “Fleur de Miraval” should meet with the same commercial success as its predecessor...

Queen Elizabeth: Off the Drink on Doctor’s Orders!

It is well known in England’s Royal Court that Her Gracious Majesty is not one to forego life’s little pleasures. Although the Queen’s daily consumption is very modest, her doctors have nevertheless advised her...

A Slow Death After Quickly Downing a Litre and a Half of Soda

This is the cautionary tale of a young man, after getting very hot, had the terrible idea of rehydrating his body by downing the whole of a 1.5-litre bottle of soda in one. Admitted...

Fighting Pet Abandonment One Beer at a Time

Man’s best friend must sometimes regret being so faithful. Faced with the ever-growing number of abandoned pets, an animal charity has decided to work with a Toulouse brewery to raise awareness of the problem....

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