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Bihari “Larry” B. Modi, CEO of Les Anciens Établissements Fratacci — B.B. Modi in Djibouti, offers you a “best-of” selection of drinks news every month.

Bihari “Larry” B. Modi

Have you tried Swed... Norwegian wine? How is such a thing possible? The Norwegians have only ever produced beer! Well, that’s not true. Norway also produces wines “with aromas of fruits of the forest”... https://avis-vin.lefigaro.fr/wine-box-par-my-vitibox/o148394-vins-norvegiens-ca-donne-quoi
The American periodical “Wine Searcher” lists the 10 best Bordeaux of the year. The editor does acknowledge that it may be reductive, when the world of wine is rich in diversity, to focus only on this category of vineyard. “Bordeaux is a strange beast. It waves its reputation for excellence like a battle flag, even though the vast majority...
The star of the big screen withdrew from the glitz and glamour of high society a few years ago: “ my time is my own I don’t need to tell anyone anything... I’m living my life.” Cameron Diaz is living her life and celebrating it too by creating “Avaline Sparkling”, a wine perfect for toasting “the joys in...
If you have to have an operation, is your anaesthetist really justified in recommending strictly no alcohol or drugs for at least 48 hours beforehand? We offer a health article to explain why it is imperative to follow this protocol to the letter; not respecting it can put your life in danger. https://www.healthline.com/health/alcohol-before-surgery
One of life’s big questions, the answer to which surely deserves three long pages, but will be summed up in this brief sentence: “It is perfectly normal to pay the price for things when one has the means to do so...” It’s a bit like going to the supermarket and saying to yourself, “Why buy a bottle of ‘European’...

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Drinking Water on Earth, But Not for All

300,000 children die every year from illnesses linked to consuming non-potable water. It is one of the planet’s major problems and it doesn’t seem to be diminishing in our current world. Another alarming statistic:...

Rise in Demand for Wine from Chinese Women

According to a study from a “Big Data” company based in Shanghai, Chinese women are now playing a big part in online wine and spirits sales, particularly during the global pandemic, when sales have...

Bleach: A Drink Like Any Other?

At Anciens Ets Fratacci, well-known in the East African region for stocking most of the drinks produced in the world, bleach is wisely stored in a locked cupboard out of the reach of children....

The World’s Best Beer Is Belgian and Brewed by Monks

Traditionally bottled, without even a label... you definitely shouldn’t count on being able to get it from your usual grocery store and still less from the “alcoholic drinks” section of a big supermarket... Westvleteren,...

Egypt’s Grands Crus … Rediscovered!

Recent archaeological digs on Egypt’s northern coast have uncovered ancient wine-producing facilities dating back to the times of Ptolemy. This region, Beheira, in ancient times, was known for producing the finest wines in Egypt. https://www.livescience.com/64613-ancient-winery-egypt.html