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Bihari “Larry” B. Modi

Global warming might sound the death knell for some French vineyards... or it might herald the birth of the next great vintage. Alongside the new prospects climate change might offer in the land of “good wine”, other more northern nations will perhaps have the pleasant surprise of seeing the future grands crus of the next century emerging...

A Coffee at Over €50

Some will perhaps shake their heads with a disapproving expression and dark looks, perhaps thinking that a coffee can never be worth more than €3, even if it comes served in a crystal champagne glass. In which case, why were Ferrari, Gucci, Chanel, Romané-Conti, and others of their ilk created... when cheap identical copies can be found?
So it’s said... Made solely from agave, this spirit contains very little sugar. That being so, it’s still first and foremost a question of good or bad habits when it comes to consuming any drink. A litre of cactus juice every day for six months will probably see you in the same condition as the best supermarket...
We knew of the South-Africans’ genius in a number of cultural and scientific fields, but attending mass with a bottle in you hand and 3 grams already in your bloodstream might perhaps be considered not entirely appropriate from a religious point of view. “Jesus taught us to cast our nets where there are fish”, or even better...
Foreign residents and non-abstinent natives are today saying it was the only thing that could be done to put an end to a certain moral and legal hypocrisy. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/09/21/abu-dhabi-ends-liquor-license-requirement-drinkers

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A (Coffee) Break in Conflict Cafe

Without a doubt, the American President has shaken up diplomatic exchanges between nations. Whereas, law-abiding citizens were rarely, in former times, invited to see the (sometimes insalubrious) underbelly of strained relations between...

The Creator of the “Sourtoe Cocktail” is Dead

He was as eccentric as his drink. Dick Stevenson has died at the venerable age of 89. He kept a bar in Yukon, Canada, where visitors came just to see and, perhaps,...

Are Humans the Only Species Prone to Alcoholism?

Not a bit of it. Nature has often shown that our worst faults can be found in the animal kingdom, which we look down upon with that – all too human –...

A Coffee Country That’s Not So in Vogue …

In this article, the magazine Vogue discusses countries that take their tea- and coffee-based drinks very seriously ... Of note, according to the article are Brazil, Portugal, and Australia ... Ethiopia, the...

Very Sweet Coffee Key to a Long Life

Boris Pahor is over 100 years old. He is an Italian with minority Slovenian roots, a writer, and a survivor of the Nazi labour camps. The author of Pilgrim Among the Shadows has shared...